Published on 30.04.2017

Pure Vitamins: How to Choose?

In our fast-paced daily life, the human body is often increasingly affected by stress, eating disorders, and pollution of various kinds, while our diet cannot ensure the basic nutrients that keep us healthy. This is why people more often demand food supplements which are pure and do not contain harmful substances, as well as help restore healthy balance.

With proven high quality, SupraVit® vitamins are aligned with this demand for pure products. SupraVit® contains natural flavours and natural colour additives and no aspartame, GMO, preservatives, or cross-contamination. Carefully selected active ingredients in each tablet of SupraVit®—as well as continuous control and quality assurance procedures—make it possible to maintain the bioactivity of each ingredient and enable the product’s quick effect through natural bioabsorption, for optimum protection.

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