Lactoflor Helico Protect

Lactoflor Helico Protect is a new probiotic product of selected, non-viable cells of Pylopass® (proprietary strain Lactobacillus reuteri). L. reuteri binds to Helicobacter pylori through a specific mechanism resulting in the formation of co-aggregates. After co-aggregation in the stomach, the newly-formed mechanical compound is removed from the body via the digestive tract. Zn-L-carnosine, added to Lactoflor Helico Protect, assists in healing gastrointestinal wounds and ulcers.


  • Reduces levels of Helicobacter pylori in gastrointestinal tract.
  • Zn-L-carnosine has a synergic effect in suppressing stomach inflammation and helping heal stomach ulcers.
  • No side effects. Does not affect human microbiota.
  • Not affected by intake of antibiotics.
  • Convenient once-daily intake.
15 capsules
Active Ingredients
  • Pylopass® 200mg