Lactoflor Enteric Ecol

Effective solution against diarrhea

About LactoFlor Enteric Ecol:
LactoFlor Enteric Ecol is a probiotic product containing Saccharomyces boulardii (microorganisms with clinically proven ability to stop diarrhoea), Prebiotic (fibers) and three strains of beneficial probiotic bacteria, which help restore the balance of intestinal microflora after diarrhoea.

Active ingredients – capsules:
Sаcсharomyces boulardii 0,250 g
Probiotic blend* (1 x 10⁹ CFU/ capsule) from the strains Lactobacillus acidophilus-LLA-01, Lactobacillus casei- LLC-4K, Bifidobacterium bifidum- LLB-02


  • Innovative formula in convenient forms of intake – capsules and sachets.
  • Effective against diarrhoea with different etiology (bacterial, viral, antibiotic-associated or during travelling).
  • Reduces the severity and duration of the intestinal inflammations.
  • Assist recovery after the acute stage of diarrhoea and overcoming diarrhoeal syndromes of viral etiology.
  • Scientifically and clinically proven characteristics-provides beneficial effects for gastric and intestinal health.

*Contains milk protein and lactose.

Why choose LactoFlor Enteric Ecol:
It is a new generation formula which alleviates the clinical symptoms and significantly reduces the duration of the acute stage of diarrhoea. Effectively influences the inflammatory process in patients with chronic enterocolitis and facilitates quick recovery of the intestinal microflora functioning and healthy condition, in cases of various gastrointestinal disorders.
The included Saccharomyces bulardii is a natural and safe (GRAS status) microorganism, able to actively regulate gastrointestinal homeostasis. It protects the intestinal mucosa from invasion of pathogens and the action of their toxins.
Prebiotics (fibers) selectively stimulate the growth and metabolism of certain types of microorganisms in the body, including Bifidobacteria. Primary products from the fermentation of fibers are the short-chain fatty acids, which have protective effect against the inflammatory processes in the intestines and limit the development of pathogens.
The three Probiotic strains are with high vitality in terms of gastric acidity and bile, and high ability to adhere to the intestinal mucosa. They successfully reduce the severity of the toxic effects of intestinal pathogens causing diarrhoea, and help to restore intestinal health.

10 capsules/ 10 sachets