We participated in Europe 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland!

Kendy Pharma participated at Vitafoods Europe 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland in May 2019.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are live microbial food ingredients that have a beneficial effect on human body by improving its gastro-intestinal micro flora balance.

More about L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is needed in order to convert fat into energy.

Pure Vitamins: How to Choose?

In our fast-paced daily life, the human body is often increasingly affected by stress, eating disorders, and pollution of various kinds, while our diet cannot ensure the basic nutrients that keep us healthy.

Why is Lactobacillus the most beneficial strain and core of LactoFlor?

A century ago, Ilya Metchnikoff stated that Lactobacillus have beneficial effects, stimulating human longevity.

Why is LactoFlor KIDS the ideal product for children?

LactoFlor KIDS is a combination of 7 bacteria and 9 probiotic strains, with proven broad-range beneficial effects.