Published on 30.04.2017

Why is Lactobacillus the most beneficial strain and core of LactoFlor?

A century ago, Ilya Metchnikoff (a Russian scientist, Nobel Prize laureate, and professor at Pasteur Institute of Paris) stated that Lactobacillus have beneficial effects, stimulating human longevity. He submitted that ‘intestinal autointoxication’ and aging can be suppressed by modifying intestinal flora and replacing proteolytic microbes, such as Clostridium, with beneficial microorganisms. (Proteolytic microbes produce toxic substances, including phenols, indoline, and ammonia from the disintegration of proteins). Metchnikoff developed a nutritious diet with yoghurt and bacteria that he called Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Bulgarian bacillus). It is precisely Lactobacillus bulgaricus which is included in the formula of all probiotic supplements in the LactoFlor range.

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