About Kendy Pharma

Kendy Pharma is a leading company with long tradition in the development, production and marketing of food supplements. Established in 1992, the company has state-of–the-art technical equipment for production. Kendy Pharma invests in the entire cycle of product creation—from comprehensive scientific research, through practical development, to implementation- under constant and strict quality control.

The optimal effectiveness of the company’s products is achieved through careful selection and balancing of quality active ingredients. Kendy Pharma works with globally renowned suppliers such as: DSM- leading Swiss manufacturer of vitamin premixes, Naturex- expert in natural extracts, Beneo- producer of natural fibers.

Kendy Pharma has been granted renowned international certificates of quality:

  • U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Audited and approved by UNICEF and GAIN (Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)- for manufacturing of food supplements (vitamin and mineral premix) for malnourished children
  • Since 2013, the company has held authorisation for production of human medicinal products (No. P-I-38-004)
  • 80 Countries
    4 Continents

    Kendy Pharma carries a wide portfolio of own brands, leaders in local and international markets, such as SupraVit - vitamins and minerals, Lactoflor Probiotics, Stabiflex and Osteoactive - bone health and joint support products. The company offers variety of products in solid dosage forms - tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules and sachets.


    We believe everyone deserves better quality of life. The proper supplementation with reliable products promotes well-being. Improving everyday life is what we stand for.


    We aim to develop safe and high-quality products for people of all ages. Our purpose is to manufacture the products that would best fit the needs and respond to the requirements of our customers in a fast changing environment.


    We value our people. Our special formula: success = team work + expertise.