• Kendy Pharma - The Proven Leader

    Kendy Pharma is a leading company with extensive experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of food supplements. It was founded in 1992 and has the most advanced and modern technical and laboratory equipment. Learn more
  • Pure Vitamins

    In our fast-paced daily life, the human body is often increasingly affected by stress, eating disorders, and pollution of various kinds... Learn more
  • Why is Lactobacillus the most beneficial strain?

    A century ago, Ilya Metchnikoff (a Russian scientist, Nobel Prize laureate, and professor at Pasteur Institute of Paris) stated that Lactobacillus have beneficial effects, stimulating human longevity. Lactobacillus bulgaricus is the main bacteria in our Lactoflor products. Learn more
  • Why is LactoFlor KIDS the ideal product for children?

    The intake of LactoFlor by children helps strengthen their immune system. It is an effective solution against constipation, digestive disorders, and intestinal infection and facilitates recovery after administration of antibiotics. Learn more

About Us

Kendy Pharma is specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of nutraceuticals. The company provides a comprehensive range of contract manufacturing and packaging services.

Kendy Pharma carries a wide portfolio of own brands, leaders in various markets, such as SupraVit -vitamins and Lactoflor – Probiotics. Kendy’s skills are based on experience and knowledge in the fields of production and marketing, as well as initiating and following trends in the fast moving supplement business.

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